Hi. I think we know each other. How else would you arrive at this page? Just a formal reminder: I am really grateful for the fact that you're here. This page is just a log of who I am what I do.

My name is Rishank Rishank Jhavar. I am a strategy and blockchain consultant. I currently work at Deqode - the blockchain org known for its unique use-cases, and I lead a team at Blaze Protocol. It will tell you about things I writewhere to find them and that sort of thing.

I am known to be moderately creative. as an alright developer. to be decent enough with JS frameworks. to be good at strategy. to be adept in marketing. as an okay copywriter. to solve problems. You can download my resume here. Feel free to look me up on Google.

I am yrs years old. Unless I am dead. There is a snippet of code which calculates my current age to display it above. It has no way of knowing if I am still alive. It just presumeshopes, as I hope, and maybe you hope too – if you know me; depending how you feel about me.

I like to write, and code. I am the author of Champion's Handbook. I am also known as the co-founder of a (now dysfunctional) sentimental analysis based news engine called Crizic (the original link wouldn't work because servers are costly, you could check out a prototype hosted on Heroku though). I like developing cool stuff - with a particular interest in game development. You can also visit my Git profile where I have some (mostly useless) projects.

Sometimes, I make it to the local news. I love to make cool videos.

Let's talk. You can contact me at rishankjhavar@outlook.com or maybe at rishank@deqode.com (if I'm still there). You can also follow me on Twitter and shoot me a DM there.